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And the 2010 Reseller Choice Awards Winners Are…

Over 500 vendors were nominated in 80 categories of the 2010 Reseller Choice Awards. Over 700 Canadian resellers voted. Each reseller could vote for their favorite vendor in each of the 80 categories.

Vendor winners attending ceremony

This year we welcomed the vendors at the formal Reseller Choice Award Ceremony and Reception. Everyone was welcomed with a glass of champagne and hors d'oeuvres as networking started. Two leading resellers (Derek Sardo from Rolling Thunder and Rick Jordan from Tenet Computer Group) announced the winners and handed out the Awards on stage. Pictures were taken, hands were shaken and most vendors used the chance to thank the resellers on the ecnTV camera. Vendors were also able to do one-on-one interviews that will be posted on Afterwards, attendees listened to IDC’s Keynote on the 2011 IT Predictions as they continued to enjoy more drinks, gourmet food and great conversations well into the evening.

If a distributor or vendor was ranked or even nominated in the Reseller Choice Awards, it means that for every vote they got, those resellers who voted for them felt that they were the very best. Just by being nominated in the Reseller Choice Awards means that your company is on the radar of resellers. Being in the top ten of a category is a great accomplishment. Winners should be especially proud as it indicates that they got the absolute most votes by resellers.

Rick Reid, President, Tech Data Canada

Rankings in some categories were very close, a few separated by just one vote. Every vote truly counts and we thank every reseller for voting. This has become the annual report card for vendors and distributors by resellers. Resellers get an opportunity to grade the vendors and distributors and they can learn from the results and hopefully improve their performance next year.

For the fourth year in a row, Tech Data won for Best Distributor. This is truly a great achievement as they continue to stay on top, year after year. They also won for Best Availability/Delivery, Best Customer Service, Best Product Support, and Best Terms and Conditions. Synnex was second in the distributor categories except for Customer Service and Product Support (Bluestar and Ingram Micro came in second in these two categories, respectively). Ingram Micro was third in Best Distributor but gained more votes than last year.

Jacques Lapierre and Laura La Prairie, of Bluestar Canada

BlueStar won for the Best Specialty Distributor, followed by Supercom and then Arrow. Supercom did very well in Product Support, coming in third place. Supercom was also fourth in Best Availability/Delivery and Best Customer Service. D&H is starting to gain ground placing in the top 10 distributors (fourth in Best Specialty Distributor and sixth in Best Distributor) with a seventh placement in Product Support and sixth for Terms and Conditions as well as Customer Service.

For Best Channel Events, Tech Data came in first, followed closely by ChannelNext, then Ingram Micro and Synnex (separated by just one vote!). The Intel Road Show and AppleExpo rounded out the top 5 event spots.

HP Canada Receives award

Hewlett-Packard was the big winner taking the top spot for Best Vendor plus another nineteen categories. They dominated almost all printer and computer categories. Lenovo held on to the top spot in Best Business Notebook and was second in Best Tablet PC, Business Workstation as well as Business Desktop and fifth in Best Server.

While HP took top spots in Best SAN, NAS and Server, IBM was a very close second in these categories. In the printer categories, Xerox, Lexmark, Canon and Brother all rallied for second and third spots in the printer categories. However, Samsung took second place in the Best Personal Laser Printer and fifth in Best Black & White Laser Printer and Best Colour Laser Printer.

This year, Asus went beyond Best Motherboards to include Best Gaming Computer and Best Value Monitor and Best NetBook. Best New vendor was Aluratek.

DELL also gained ground in the Channel. They came in third in Best Business Desktop, Best Consumer Desktop and Best Workstation. DELL also came in fourth in Best Business Notebook, Best Consumer Notebook and Best Server.

Stefan Bockhop, Director of Channel Sales, Lenovo Canada

Cisco won for Best Managed Services and swept up almost all of the Networking and Telephony categories. Microsoft won for Best Cloud Application, Best Messaging/Collaboration, Best Database, Best Productivity Software and Best Operating System.

D-Link also did very well. Number one in Best Home/Consumer Router and Network Adapter. Second in SMB Network Switch, SMB Telephony, SOHO Network Switch, Business Router, and Enterprise Telephony, and third in Enterprise Switch. Netgear seems to be on the move placing third in Best Home/Consumer Router; Fourth in Best SMB Network Switch; And, third in SOHO Network Switch.

Todd Madgett, Director of SMB &
Distribution, Cisco Systems Canada

Apple won for Best HandHeld/Pad. They placed second in Operating System, fourth in Productivity Software and Consumer Desktop and fifth in Best Business Notebook as well as Desktop and Sixth in Consumer Notebook. Considering that the vast majority of voting resellers were from the Windows platform, Apple did very well.

In the Component side, Best Computer Case and Best Power Supply were won by Antec. Best CPU by Intel. Best Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers by Logitech. Best Graphics Card went to Nvidia. The Best Hard Drive was won by Western Digital, followed by Seagate. Best Memory and Best Flash Drive was dominated by Kingston (who also won Best SSD).

Stan Lublin, Canadian Country Manager, Antec

This year, LaCie was over-taken by both Western Digital and Seagate in Best Portable Storage. Best UPS Battery Back-Up went to APC, followed by TrippLite and Eaton Power and CyberPower. However, Eaton ranked highest in Best Profitability as compared to all their competitors. Targus dominated the Notebook Carrying Case category again this year, but still trailing Logitech in most of the other accessory categories.

The battle for Best Digital Signage was won by LG with a very narrow margin over Samsung, followed by Viewsonic. In contrast, Samsung won for Best Professional Display over LG (NEC was third and Viewsonic was fourth).

In the software categories, Adobe won for Best Graphics Application, Best Publishing and Best Web Development. VMWare won for Best Utility Application. Best Accounting Software was won by Sage followed by Intuit, Acomba, GreatPlains and Business Vision. Best Back-Up was won by Symantec. There seems to be no competition to Autodesk (AutoCad) in the CAD Applications as they won by a huge margin.

David Stevens, National Sales Manager, Autodesk Canada

Top 10 Best Profitability was won by HP, followed by Lenovo, Asus (ranked surprisingly high in profitability and maybe one reason for their recent growth spur), Dell, Citrix, Cisco, Eaton Power, Fujitsu (who also won for Best Sheetfed Scanner), Toshiba and IBM.

Top 10 Best Vendors: HP, Lenovo, Dell, VMWare, Toshiba, Asus, IBM, Cisco, Acer and Xerox.

Top10 Best Channel Programs: HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, D-Link, VMWare, Xerox, IBM, and Intel.

Top 10 Best Vendor Support: HP, Lenovo, D-Link, Dell, Cisco, VMWare, IBM, Toshiba, Intel and Microsoft.

Top 10 Best Distributors: Tech Data followed by Synnex, Ingram Micro, Avnet, Arrow, BlueStar and D&H were tied for sixth, then Supercom, then Interwork tied with Elco Systems for eight, then GB Micro, then SID Distribution, Daiwa Distribution and Taknology were all tied for tenth. This category was a very close race after fifth place. There were 22 distributors nominated in this category.

Top 10 Best Specialty Distributors: BlueStar followed by Supercom, Arrow, D&H tied with Simple Technology, then Avnet, Interwork, ScanSource tied with ASI, then Elco and Westcon. There were 26 distributors nominated in this category.

Best Green vendors were HP followed by Asus, IBM, Apple, Dell and Xerox. Cisco was in the top 10.

Corinne Sharp and Andrea Van Leeuwen, of Microsoft Canada

Best Cloud Application was Microsoft, followed by VMWare, Google, HP, and Citrix. EMC dominated the Cloud Storage Solution Category only being challenged by Axcient.

Best IT Security was Symantec followed closely by Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Eset, AVG, Microsoft, McAfee, BitDefender, Malwarebytes, Fortinet tied with Panda and Watchguard.

Top 5 Business Notebooks: Lenovo won by a healthy margin followed by HP, Toshiba, Dell and Acer.

Top 5 Business Projectors: InFocus, BenQ, NEC, Viewsonic and Epson.

Top 5 Home Theatre Projectors: InFocus, BenQ, Sony, Epson and NEC.

Top 5 Portable Projectors: InFocus, BenQ, Epson, Viewsonic, followed by NEC, Sony and Optoma all tied for fifth.

In the Consumer Electronics categories, Canon won for Best SLR Digital Camera followed by Nikon, Olympus and Sony. Best GPS was dominated by Garmin. Best HD Video Camera was won by Sony followed by Canon, Panasonic and Samsung. Best Point and Shoot Camera was won by Canon, followed by Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Fujifilm. Best Portable Video Camera was won by Sony, followed by Canon, Cisco (Flip) and Samsung.

From the people who bring the news to the resellers, Best Channel Print Media was CDN/ITBusiness followed by CRN/ITinCanada. Best Online Video was CDN/ITBusiness followed closely by ecnTV. Best online media was e-ChannelNEWS followed by CDN/ITBusiness, CRN/ITinCanada and e-channelline.



Tech Data Wins Best Distributor Award

Jacques Lapierre of Bluestar Canada

Roseann Genovese of Hewlett Packard Discusses Award

Corinne Sharp of Microsoft Discusses Partner Program

LG wins for Best Digital Signage

Symantec wins for Best Security and Backup

Microsoft Canada Discusses the Cloud

InFocus wins for Best Personal and Business Projector

Samsung wins for Best Professional Display

EMC wins for Best Cloud Storage

Asus wins in Five Categories

For all the videos from the Reseller Choice Awards,
Category Winner
Best Accounting Sage Accpac
Best Availability/Delivery Tech Data Canada
Best Backup Symantec
Best Black & White Laser Printer Hewlett-Packard
Best Business Desktop Hewlett-Packard
Best Business Notebook Lenovo
Best Business Projector InFocus
Best Business Router Cisco Systems
Best CAD Autodesk
Best Channel Video News Media Computer Dealer News (CDN)
Best Cloud Application Microsoft
Best Cloud Storage/Solution EMC Corporation
Best Colour Laser Printer Hewlett-Packard
Best Computer Case Antec
Best Computer Speakers Logitech
Best Consumer Desktop Hewlett-Packard
Best Consumer Notebook Hewlett-Packard
Best CPU Intel
Best Customer Service Tech Data Canada
Best Database Microsoft
Best Desktop Storage Western Digital
Best Digital Signage LG Electronics
Best Distributor Tech Data Canada
Best Enterprise Switch Cisco Systems
Best Enterprise Telephony Cisco Systems
Best Flash Drive Kingston Technology
Best Flatbed Scanner Hewlett-Packard
Best Gaming Desktop Asus
Best Gaming Monitor Asus
Best GPS Garmin
Best Graphic Card nVidia
Best Graphic Design Adobe Systems
Best Graphic Tablet Wacom Technology
Best Green Vendor Hewlett-Packard
Best Handheld/Pad Apple
Best Hard Drive Western Digital
Best HD Video Camera Sony
Best Headset Logitech
Best Home Theater Projector InFocus
Best Home/Consumer Router D-Link
Best Industry Event TechData
Best Keyboard Logitech
Best Managed Services Cisco Systems
Best Memory Kingston Technology
Best Messaging/Collaboration Microsoft
Best Mother Board Asus
Best Mouse Logitech
Best Multi-Function Ink-Jet Printer Hewlett-Packard
Best Multi-Function Laser Printer Hewlett-Packard
Best NAS Hewlett-Packard
Best Netbook Asus
Best Network Adapter D-Link
Best New Vendor Aluratek
Best Notebook Carrying Case Targus
Best Online Channel News Media E-Channelnews
Best Operating System Microsoft
Best Personal Laser Printer Hewlett-Packard
Best Point-and Shoot Digital Camera Canon
Best Portable Printer Hewlett-Packard
Best Portable Projector InFocus
Best Portable Speakers Logitech
Best Portable Storage Western Digital
Best Portable Video Camera Sony
Best Power Supply Antec
Best Print Channel News Media Computer Dealer News (CDN)
Best Pro Video Camera Sony
Best Product Support Tech Data Canada
Best Productivity Software Microsoft
Best Professional display Samsung
Best Profitability Hewlett-Packard
Best Publishing Adobe Systems
Best SAN Hewlett-Packard
Best Security Symantec
Best Server Hewlett-Packard
Best Sheetfed Scanner Fujitsu
Best SLR Digital Camera Canon
Best SMB Network Switch Cisco Systems
Best SMB Telephony Cisco Systems
Best SOHO Network Switch Cisco Systems
Best SOHO Telephony Cisco Systems
Best Specialty Distributor Bluestar
Best SSD Kingston Technology
Best Tablet PC Hewlett-Packard
Best Terms/Conditions Tech Data Canada
Best UPS Battery Backup American Power Conversion
Best Utility VMWare
Best Value Monitor Asus
Best Vendor Hewlett-Packard
Best Vendor Channel Program Hewlett-Packard
Best Vendor Support Hewlett-Packard
Best Web Development Adobe Systems
Best Webcam Logitech
Best Workstation Hewlett-Packard

The reseller winners for the prizes are:

  1. Stéphane Gingras, of Informatique EBR, Québec, winner of Targus iPad Case + Accessory Prize Pack
  2. Rushi Thakar, of Gibraltar Solutions, Mississauga, winner of Targus EcoSmart Case + Power
  3. Marc Brochu, of Systèmes ACCI, Québec, winner of Epson B-510DN Printer.
  4. David Seale, of Think Communications, Victoria, winner or Epson B-310N Printer.
  5. Damian Cheytanov, of Memory Express, Richmond, winner of Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo.
  6. Barry Johnson, of FrontierPC, Vancouver, winner of LogicKeyboard Large Print White on Black Macbook Skin.
  7. Kevin Wood, of Cantech Solutions, Kigston, winner of LogicKeyboard Large Print Ultra Thin Aluminium Keyboard.
  8. Kevin Hollis, of Baass, Thornhill, winner of LogicKeyboard Adobe Photoshop Slim Line PC Keyboard.

We thank all the vendors who sponsored the 2010 Reseller Choice Awards (Tech Data, DELL, Epson, Targus, LogicKeyboard and Dymo). Your contribution and prizes for the resellers are greatly appreciated.  It takes great vision to sponsor an awards event in advance of knowing if you actual won. We applaud your leadership and support on behalf of the entire channel.

The bottom-line goal for the Reseller Choice Awards is to thank the winning vendors and their team for doing such a great job and to encourage all vendors and distributors to continue to improve their business practices to better serve the needs of the resellers and become more profitable.

To all the vendors and distributors who won, congratulations on a job well done!

See you next year!!!

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