Recycled computers and laptops needed for local charities even more during tougher times

Bojan Paduh, Founder and President of the Electronic Recycling Association (, released a statement  asking the public to consider donating their unwanted or retiring computer equipment to ERA so it may be refurbished for donation to numerous Canadian charities in need of computers.

"It has been a unique several months," said Paduh. "Requests for computer donations are coming in as usual but we aren't receiving the same amount of retiring corporate equipment, so we can't keep up," he added.
The organization is reaching out to the public for help. "Most people have old equipment stored somewhere. Even if it isn't working, our techs can often fix it or use parts to build operational computers," said Paduh. "It doesn't cost anything, it frees up valuable storage space, we always ensure data security as our top priority and many times we can even come pick up equipment for free."

Low income individuals who cannot afford computers or laptops can volunteer their time at the ERA warehouses Canada-wide to earn a computer or laptop. Canadian charities and non profits get them at no charge.


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